1. Employee (array)

    We can use the predefined classes in the Java class library that are provided to us to make the process of writing programs easier or write our own classes to define our own objects. Defining classes represent objects with well-defined state and behavior. This program contains three classes. ProgramOne class contains a main method that reads data necessary to create an array of employee objects, displays a menu and obtains data necessary to process transactions on the array, and creates an updated text file before ending the program. EmployeeCollection class manages an array of Employee objects and Employee class models a basic Employee object for record keeping of the employee's data on weekly basis.
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  2. Product (array)

    Arrays are programming constructs that group data into list. Arrays can store primitive types such as integers and characters. They can also store references to objects as elements. ProgTwo class contains a main method that creates, modifies, and examines a product collection and the Productcollection class contains an array of product objects representing the collection.
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  3. Card Game

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