Machining Technology at HCC

Francis Nguyen


Attitudes help to initiate one's behavior and are sometimes called the hidden motivators because they are not always readily observed. These are Francis' top three attitudes:

UTILITARIAN: shows a characteristic interest in money and what is useful.

THEORETICAL: shows an individual is nonjudgmental regarding the beauty or utility of objects and seeks only to observe and to reason.

AESTHETIC: indicates a relative interest in "form and harmony."


Francis doesn't appreciate a dirty or messy work station, since he equates dirt and disorganization with lower quality work. He is able to focus on projects with vision that often results in penetrating insights. Because of high expectations of his own job performance, Francis may sometimes feel that other workers cannot perform up to his standards. Once Francis has started a project, he dislikes interruptions. Francis keeps his equipment in good working order and likes others who also use the equipment to share the same concern. He wants to know the company rules so he can follow them, and he may become upset when others continually break the rules. He shows that he can be quite versatile and at the same time quite adaptable to the situation. Becoming accquainted with him can be difficult since he tends to withhold his emotions. He may appear to be cool and distant. Francis prefers that things be orderly and he will approach work in the systematic manner. At times Francis can be seen as a perfectionist.

Francis is good at analyzing situations that can be felt, touched, seen, heard, personally observed or experienced. His motto is, "facts are facts." He uses data and facts to support the big decision, because it makes him feel more confident that his decisions are correct. He feels tension when forced to make major decision quickly. He has an acute awareness of social, economic and political implications of his decisions. Francis usually judges others by the quality of their work. He may find it difficult to recognize other's strengths, if their work does not meet his high standards. He tends to become bogged down in details. He may accumulate so much data that details overwhelm him. He follows company policy, if aware of it. He is the type of person who will accept challenges, and accept them seriously.

Francis wants others to ask for his advice, rather than initiative the conversation. He prefers to be certain his advice is correct. When Francis is deeply involved in thinking through a project, he may appear to be cool and distant. He has a low trust level with strangers. This becomes apparent when he asks specific and perhaps blunt questions. Francis' logical, methodical way of gathering data is demonstranted by his ability to ask the right questions at the right time. Whenever possible, Francis avoids face-to-face conflict. He prefers meetings that start and finish on time. He may get upset with people do not adhere to rules and how things "should be done." People may often see Francis as formal and reserved. He may be assessing the situation before "letting his guard down" and may do so only when he feels comfortable with circumstances. Francis' work represents his true self and he will take issue when people attack the quality of his work.

Francis' top 5 favorite US cities:

    1. Houston, Texas

      Houston's economy has had a broad industrial base, in energy, manufacturing, aeronautics, and transportation. Impressive job opportunities, low cost of living, zero income tax and warm weather year-round are just a few of the qualities that make Houston a great place to live.
    2. Chicago, Illinois

      World-class restaurants, top-tier hotels and meeting spaces, cultural institutions and entertainment venues that can rival the best in the world.
    3. Honolulu, Hawaii

      Home to some of the best beaches, outdoor recreation, and food in the world, Hawaii's capital city offers residents beautiful views, and incredible weather.
    4. Los Angeles, California

      Los Angeles
      Breathtaking natural scenery, groundbreaking art exhibitions and a cutting-edge culinary scene.
    5. New York City, New York

      New York City
      Its best broadway shows, its best restaurants and its always exciting atmosphere with tons of things to do are unmatched.

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